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Strength Building Workouts 

For Men, Women or Teens. No contracts. Cancel Anytime. 

Types of exercises:  Barbell Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Body weight exercises & more.

Designed to help you build strength based on the equipment availability & your level of training.

Allow 24hrs for your personalized program to be downloaded onto your app after you fill out the digital consultation form which automatically populates on your app after purchase.  

**You may request changes to your programming at any time.  The program is designed to progress you but if you start off with limited equipment you can change to full equipment option in the future.  

Eat. Train. Recover. System 

The COMPLETE PLAN includes app & digital bonuses for nutrition.  

What you'll get with the Barbell Fit Strong App: 

  • Your Personalized Work Out Plan in the BFS app
  •  Training adjusts every 8-12 weeks to help you make progress
  • Short video demonstrations
  • Tracks your workouts
  •  Connects to your fitness devices for all in one review
  • Programming planned out based on your fitness level & equipment availability
  •  Ability to upload your lifts for review by BFS Team member
  •  Customer service in app system


Digital Courses:

  • The Scientific Dieting Course:  How to implement macro-nutrition to help you lose body fat. Recipes & how to videos on scientific dieting.  
  • How to Deadlift Mini Course: Everything you need to know to lift safely & effectively.
  • Digital Membership Site:  Your Community and the content to serve you on the journey.  

Be Lean, Strong & YOUR Best!


"Barbell Fit changed the way I think about and look at strength training. I've been training now for over a year and love the way Barbell Fit works!" - Brie L. 

"I was always scared and intimidated to lift heavy, but it’s amazing and exciting to grow my understanding and to grow my strength! I’m currently half way through the personalized 12 Week Body Fat Cut program, and it has been so helpful! I’ve lost about 11 pounds so far while still growing in strength!! This has been a key piece of the BFS experience for me! Growth in strength, knowledge, confidence- yes! This has been just the right thing for me!" - Lori S. 

"Love Barbell Fit Mom!
Time flexible (I workout when I want)!
Great coaching (Like having a personal trainer)!
Inspiring (Reading other BFM 'Bests' and ideas)!
Perfect Motivator (Quick results, ongoing challenges)!
At 56, I've never been stronger!!" - Aimee M. 


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