We offer corporate programs, digital technologies, seminars & challenges to help equip people on their health journey.  

Hi There! 

I'm Coach Karen and the founder.  I'm a mom whose on the journey of staying fit and being strong.  

I've struggled with a condition called PCOS and a 10-25 lb weight gain most my adult life, so I know the struggle!  I've made changes and my 40's have been a different story.  I love building strength & helping others do the same through our events & online trainings.  

I would love for the Barbell Fit organization to help you on your health journey!  

Strength & Grace, 

And the Barbell Fit Team

Do you want to know more about the founder?  

Founder, Coach Karen Naegel, 47 years old and thankful.   Happy wife, mother, friend, coach, USA powerlifter (USAPL), enthusiast of all things building physical & mental strength.  Life direction:  "...for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control."   2 Tim 1:7

  •  Best Powerlifting Stats: Deadlift 313lbs, Bench 143lbs, Squat 231lbs 

    • Miami University, Bachelor of Science - Double major in Health Appraisal & Enhancement, Sports Organization (1995) Specialization in Gerontology
    • PN-1 Precision Nutrition Certification
    • Barbell Fit Coach Certification (BFC) - Coach & Instructor
    • Strongfirst Certification (SFL) - Barbell Instructor
    • USA Powerlifting Certification (USA-PL) - Club Coach
    • USA PL National Qualifier for 57kg Masters Division 
    • Elite Level Lifter.  Deadlift 2.5 x Body weight 
    • Maintains Athletic body fat range managed through macro/flexible eating & strength training.  This range is not necessary for good health.    






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