3 Tips for Coaching our kids to have better eating habits!


Preteen and Teenagers in mind

  • Do our kids need to track their food in MyFitnessPal?
  • What about protein grams?
  • What can they do to protect themselves from the onslaught of sugary foods offered out there?

Here are the 3 Tips I use with my own kids…and it WORKS!

Click above to watch.

This video doesn’t address the emotions of eating and shame.  Food can be a touchy subject and we certainly don’t want to shame a young adult as they learn to navigate eating correctly.  It's tough!  

So let's not shame them...it not only hurts the relationship, it can also lead to hiding type behavior.  

Instead do something far more powerful...

Inspire them!

We are ALL motivated by INSPIRATION and it’s no surprise our kids are too!

If you’ve struggled with your food and/or wanted a better training plan, we at BFM would love to help and introduce you to the BFM culture of training! 

I guarantee you will...

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