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Cornerstone to the Barbell Fit Mom Lifestyle are the LOW IMPACT strength workouts.  One of the goals of the BFM program is building lean body mass.  The right Equipment is needed to start the program. 

If you have access to a gym you will have all you need.  If you are working out in your home, make sure you have the following available:

  • Barbell - Standard Size 45lbs
  • Plates - (2) 10lb Olympic Size Plates or smaller
  • Barbell collars or clips 
  • Chin Up Bar with band 

Titan Fitness has FREE Shipping and good deals on equipment - rubber bumper plates or metal plates are totally fine.   The picture below shows rubber bumper plates

If shopping at second hand store for barbell, make sure to weigh the barbell on a scale (stand on scale with barbell in hand, deduct your weight) as some barbells vary in weight and are less...

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