Interview & Conversation with Jennifer Thompson #1 Bench Presser in the World


#1 World Bench Presser Jennifer Thompson 63kg USAPL/IPF Powerlifter
46 years old, mother, wife & teacher.

Famous for OVER 300 lb bench press while only personally weighing 132-138lb range. She has longevity & has been part of sport for 20+yrs!

**Also available on Podcast via Spotify, i-Tunes, Apple & more- Barbell Fit Strong/

Notable achievements
2019 IPF Hall of Fame / 2018 USAPL Athlete of the Year

We are going to talk about her life, lifting journey, nutrition & training!

You won't want to miss this information!

Listen & enjoy!
2:30 - How Jen & the Thompson family are doing in the Quarantine
7:20 - Things Jen likes to do besides lift heavy things
8:30 - Jen's history of lifting & entering sport
13:00 - Performance & mental toughness
14:40 - Working through injuries & pain
19:00 - Jennifer & Donavon/powerlifting couple - how they work together with success

Nutrition Minutes
20:52 - Weight class management
23:00 - Macro Nutrition...

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Interview & Conversation with Fabio Zonin, CEO Strongfirst PODCAST

This was a fun interview!
Listen & learn more about Strongfirst (currently in 55 countries)

This 3 Part discussion (listed below) also includes Chicago Certification Events, How Fabio & Chairman Pavel started working together, Heavy Metal Music & More!

3 parts:
* What is life like in Italy right now during the Quarantine?
* What are Strongfirst's beliefs/practices & standards & info on the SFL Barbell Certification.
* Information on the "Simple Strength Plan for Difficult Times/8 week progressive plan posted on the Strongfirst website March 16th. Created by CEO Fabio in response to Quarantine. He is currently doing the plan himself!

Listen & enjoy!
51 Minutes breakdown below
Minute 1:39 Quarantine life in Italy
4:20 Design of the "Simple Strength for Difficult Times Workout" 8 week progressive plan - see link below.
10:15 Create form for Strength Goals
13:30 Italy quarantine restrictions
16:30 F=MA / Swing
19:00 Powerlifting & SFL Barbell Cert. moved to July...

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