Jump Start Your Strength in 2020! 

Work Out at Your Home or Gym 

Types of exercises:  Squat varations/ Bench Press/ Deadlift/ Body weight & more!

Based on your equipment availability & skill level.  Beginners welcomed! 

**Quarantine Question:  Can I have my plan adjusted to full equipment when my gym reopens?  Yes! 

$10 Monthly Subscription - No contracts

Jump start your Strength!

Powerlifting coaching, nutrition & recovery principles for men & women


Nutrition coaching based on Macro Nutrition.  Love your macros! Learn to balance the optimal amount of carbs, fats & your protein for losing weight & improving your body composition. 


Learn the proper mechanics on the powerlifts & body weight lifts:  Lifts include the Squat, Bench press, Deadlift & more. We can tailor to the equipment you have in your home gym or gym.  You can do your lift and upload in your app for review by a BFS coach.  We want to see you're doing the movements correctly!




For achieving and sustaining lasting results, this key component can't be over looked.  It is the  foundation you need.  Be ready to take notes.

"This program is helping me get leaner and stronger even though the workouts are shorter than what I was doing before. With only 3 workouts per week, I have plenty of time for good recovery and to do other things I enjoy. BFM is a huge help at helping you getting dialed in to nutrition that works for YOUR body and tastes."

Author, Elizabeth Barton Meyers

"After almost 10 months of Barbell Fit Mom, 17%, body fat loss, 24 lbs loss, and stronger than I have ever been at age 48......if I could give this 20 stars, I would! BFM builds the mind and body!"

Tina W.

"I was always scared and intimidated to lift heavy, but it’s amazing and exciting to grow my understanding and to grow my strength! I’m currently half way through the personalized 12 Week Body Fat Cut program, and it has been so helpful! I’ve lost about 11 pounds so far while still growing in strength!! This has been a key piece of the BFM experience for me! Growth in strength, knowledge, confidence- yes! This has been just the right thing for me!"

Lori S.

"Barbell Fit changed the way I think about and look at strength training. I've been training now for over a year and love the way Barbell Fit Mom works!"

Brie L.

"Love Barbell Fit Mom! Time flexible (I workout when I want)! Great coaching (Like having a personal trainer)! Inspiring (Reading other BFM 'Bests' and ideas)! Perfect Motivator (Quick results, ongoing challenges)! At 56, I've never been stronger!!"

Aimee M.

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